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     Would it be extraordinary for a writer to claim that he or she is an avid reader? My guess is no, so I’ll gladly join the ranks of those who do so.


     My passion for reading began before I could actually read. I had two older sisters who both took pleasure in reading to me from children’s picture books. They were consistent nightly readers, and they read to me so often that I began to memorize the words for each page as they were turned, the pictures each triggering the next phase of each saga. They read to me about the Cat in the Hat, and about when he came back. They read to me about how 'Anne Can Fly'. There were villains and heroes, and no shortage of fascination on my part with worlds very different from the one that I lived in.


     The first ‘real’ book that I read on my own was a 1957 children’s novel penned by Edward Ormondroyd. The title was; “David and the Phoenix”. I loved the book. It made me cry, and it was my first introduction to literary fantasy.

     After reading about David and his adventures with the Phoenix, the gloves were off. I decided to try my own hand at the creative act of will called writing, and I discovered that I enjoyed it very much. I received more encouragement with reading and writing as the years passed by, from my parents, from teachers and from friends.


   I enjoy reading history and other non-fiction works, and in fiction, I’m particularly fond of detective, mystery, science fiction and thrillers. I’m a fan of the works of numerous authors including; Jan Burke, Robert Crais, Paul D. Marks, Patrick Larkin, Alafair Burke, Joshua Graham, J.A. Jance, Thomas Perry, Rick Riordan, Larry Niven, James Lee Burke, Orson Scott Card, Twist Phelan and David Corbett to name just a few. There are so many more...


     Aside from reading, I have a couple of hobbies. One is martial arts, in which I have been training for the last thirty-three years, and the other is woodcarving, which I’ve been dabbling in for about twenty-three years. The woodcarving is a joint effort. I do the carving, and my wife Pati (who doesn’t suffer from color-blindness) does the painting and finishing.





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